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Center for Animal Communication
and Energy Healing

Welcome to Bow Lingual, a Centre dedicated to Inter-Species Communication.
We facilitate dialogue between souls, created through energy and the Power of Intention.
This energy-based framework and personalised mode of communication is a telepathic exchange of pictures, words and emotions enabling your pets and you to understand each other better, and forge a much deeper and more meaningful connection.

 We are more than Bow Lingual. We connect with all non-human species through their human companions.

Hi !

I’ve been authorised by my Canine Mentors, Rusty and Brad, to welcome you on board. I’ve been told to keep away from silly quotes, and not do the usual things humans do when they try to create a ‘Home Page’. Ok, so no ‘off-the-shelf’ quotations to begin this page

i am ruby !

Who we are

we are brad and rusty

Hi Human!

I´m Rusty  !

Hello there!

I´m Brad  !

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