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animal communication

Animal communication or telepathic communication with animals is communication through transfer of pictures, words and feelings.

Situations where animal communication can help include:

When you have adopted a pet recently and are trying to understand some of their  behavioral patterns

When undesirable behaviour suddenly appears. For example, your pet starts peeing indoors and you want to understand why.

When there is a health issue and you want to know how they are coping, or when there is something specific you would like to convey or check about their state of mind and happiness.

When your pet is about to cross over and you want to ask them whether they’re in pain and how you can make their final moments more comfortable. Alternatively when your pet has crossed over and you would like to connect with them.

 When the pet goes missing ( while we won't be able to get the exact location of the animal , we will be able to check in on them and see things around through their eyes and that can give you pointers on where to look for them ) . Currently, we are offer this service only to existing clients 

 Since the whole process is done using telepathy, we don’t have to see your pet in person even once or be in the same environment as your animal. Also your pet needn’t be awake and alert for us to read him/her.

The whole communication experience will be a mix of things that you already know and can validate, and things that generate a new perspective that helps you to achieve harmony with your pet.

energy healing

The basic principal of any energy healing method is using a strong intention to direct energy to the area of our physical body or aura that needs it.

It helps with behavioral issues as well.

We use a mix of modalities, unless specified or requested.

We currently use the following modalities:



Reiki is an energy healing system of vedic origin but the methodology was lost to humanity only to be rediscovered by Buddha and lost again . The system of Reiki , as it is practised today , was discovered then by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800s .

Bio Scalar Wave

Bio Scalar Wave is an energy healing method developed by Dr Valerie Hunt, a former UCLA professor. This came out of a series of experiments she conducted on the human aura, and her study of psychic surgeons in the Philippines.

Please don’t let the names or big words scare you. Put simply, we help your pet and humans heal themselves by redirecting energy to the affected area

Advantages of Energy Healing

Helps alleviate physical and behavioural issues  

Works perfectly in conjunction with modern medicine or holistic medicine

No known side effects


Can be used on both your pet and their human companions, especially in cases where the pets absorb their human's issues

Can be administered remotely

Ruby and Brad engaged in an Energy Healing session

Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

"Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once"- Nick Ortner"

Tapping / Emotional Freedom Technique is  a process where in you tap on certain Acupuncture points while talking about the emotions that run through

your pets and /or you while revisiting an incident or a medical diagnosis or a behavioral issue.


Tapping releases the emotions associated with the issue and therefore shift energies to pave way for healing.

We release these emotions and talk about the possibility of a perfect scenario, which, in a way, gives us hope regarding the issue we are Tapping about .

Can be done remotely since we will be taking you through the points and the script .

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