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To Happy Beginnings

Sharon's Story
Swaroop's Story
Gizmo's Story
Kavita's Story
Anne's Story
Sharon's Story
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Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor, Human , UK

After asking Ruby to communicate with my 10 year old dog  before her first flight abroad I was amazed at how calm she became. 

The whole journey from start to finish went so smoothly and my dog was super calm the whole time. When she arrived abroad she was so excited and happy but also calm at the same time and didn't seem to have been phased by the journey at all. 

I can't thank Ruby enough for her services not only for what she did for my dog but the fact that it helped me to stay calm and relieve any worries I had

Swaroop Lawrence, Human , Bengaluru, India

Kitty is our very first cat that my hubby & I adopted…or rather, she adopted us.  She was with us for a year and half when she went missing.

Post a whole week of looking for her, we began to lose hope when I thought of reaching out to Ruby.  She had reached out to Kitty. Kitty was perfectly okay; she wasn’t lost and was not too far from home. Apparently she had some stuff to do and would return when done.  I was told she had access to food and some water, that she had a grey tabby for company.  A key aspect of this whole conversation was that Kitty was around a house with a compound that had a mango tree.  If I wanted to look for Kitty on my own, Ruby suggested that would be the place to start.

I live in a neighbourhood that has plenty of independent houses, several apartments, a large school, a playschool, a temple and essentially it’s a buzzing society. So a search is complicated, getting into every street, every house & compound, trying to spot a mango tree surreptitiously (since we couldn’t exactly explain the mango tree connection) and asking after Kitty. Finally, on day 2, we find the mango tree! The tree was at the edge of the compound wall of an independent house just as Ruby described it. Just the one mango tree in the whole neighbourhood!

To my utter disbelief, when we checked with the family living there ,  they say a similar cat has been coming around, for a week or so. They love cats and have been feeding this one. Sensing my anxiety, they take my number and promise to call me when the cat comes around next. Early next morning they call. We rush there, and lo and's Kitty on the compound wall, in the house with the mango tree, being fed by the kindly couple!!

Needless to add, this is an absolutely amazing that Ruby did for us. It is beyond incredible and we will forever be indebted to Ruby. Since then, I realise there are so many aspects of life we don’t fully understand and it is important to keep an open mind. I did and we found Kitty. Thanks to Ruby .

PHOEBE,canine, Dubai , UAE

My name is Phoebe, although this was not always my name. Some call me ‘Bob’ (not sure why as I am a girl!). I prefer that you rather call me by my name, but how to get people to understand that? Well, thanks to Ruby, people finally got the picture!

My mom adopted me at the tender age of 12 years (don’t worry, I am now 16 years and still going strong) and not in the greatest health. My kidneys and liver were not doing too well and my jaw was killing me! After several trips to the vet and not much they can do (modern medicine can only take you so far), my mom turned to Ruby once more. Then the healing finally began and the pain subsided.

I’m not sure how Ruby does it, but she sends me healing every now and again. I’ve done a five day course with her and whalla! I can finally run around again and go out on walks with my mom and brother. Ruby shared some advice with my mom about the wonders of turmeric and I love the paste my mom makes me, because it really helps for the pain in my jaw. So to everyone out there, I’d say don’t wait until you get to my age to get in touch with Ruby (I wish we met her earlier). Let her help you the way she helped my mom and I…you won’t regret it. Happy health everyone

Natalie Stones, Human , Dubai , UAE

Ruby is a gifted animal communicator. Her readings are spot on, picking up personalities, relationship details and information that is so helpful for the pet and the pet's owner. That being my pets and I, as well as their relationship with my partner and them.

I have known Ruby for many years now and so I was a bit sceptical about her reading Lincoln, Ringo and Penny. What else would she tell me that I did not already tell her? But as she read each one she would read information which I never told anyone or she would have to be with me to know such things. On one occasion even had one of my dogs confess to her about something they had done which I had blamed another dog for and that I had never told anyone about.


The most interesting reading was with my little Penny who I had only adopted a few months prior and I too had no idea of her history. Once done a reading with Ruby about Penny's past I contacted the woman who had originally rescued Penny who then told me about her history and I felt a little "freaked out". Freaked out is term I use because her readings are just surreal.


After having my three dogs read I asked Ruby if she could do readings on some of our troubled rescues which are having issues in foster homes and each time the reading helped either the foster or adoptive parents to understand their animal more and with this the relationship between human and animal had improved and helped with their training, behaviour etc. Will definitely be having another session with the kids and Ruby.

Bellamy , Feline, Dubai , UAE

You would be forgiven for assuming I am just a cat!  My name is Bellamy and I am so much more. I have been with my humans for 13 years and feel more like them than my fellow felines.

My humans have adapted to my special ways over the years. It took me some time to train them and most of the time they get it right. But we have had some hard times.  Ones that only after we all had a chance to talk to Ruby, meant we could properly heal from.

Ruby has given us all the strength and bravery to deal with our losses and challenges together. She has given me a voice, to reassure my family when they were second-guessing themselves. She has shone her light on our family and made us closer and more communicative. Thank you Ruby!

Marianne Gates, Human , UAE

Ruby the little animal wizard! I was very sceptical with regards to communication with animals... especially my little fur ball munchkin, Scuba. But I was quickly surprised by Ruby’s abilities... knowing facts and little habits of Scuba without me telling her any of the them.

Scuba has always had a wild and wanderlust little personality. Heading off on adventures far from his home, putting his Mummy in a right tizz stressing about him. But Ruby has helped Scuba and me communicate better with each other. Giving Scuba a purpose, little jobs to do... now Scuba stays closer to home. Safer for him and for Mummy.

Ruby has a kind heart and spirit, allowing her to connect easily with Scuba. Healing and helping him with injuries and health issues.

I can definitely recommend Ruby for help with your Fur babies.

So this is me, Gizmo…..Gizmo Beautiful. My mom gave me both names when she found me a couple of years ago when I was living on the streets. Yup, you heard me right: I did not have a home. So there are many things my mom did not know about me, moreover, there were many things I wanted to tell her, but how to find the words?

GIZMO, Canine, Dubai , UAE

Then Ruby came along….finally someone that could hear me out and understand what I wanted to say! Thanks to Ruby, I could finally tell my mom my story and say thanks for all she has done for me. Things like how I got my scars, remembering the blanket she used when she first picked me up and why I bark at other furry people. Ruby helped us understand each other better….my goofy personality, how I love our walks (although my sister walks slow…too slow), that I’m picky about my friends (my mom finally stopped organizing play dates with random peeps!) and my acidity issues.

Since then my mom makes me a lovely herbal tea and no more issues, happy days are finally here! Subsequently my mom and my bond have grown stronger and stronger. So to every other kid out there, know that there is someone that can hear you out! Her name is Ruby and she is amazing!

Kavita Vasan , Human ,Chennai , India

My Cat Blackie was abused when she was a kitten. She used to get scared of even little sounds and has never ever let us hold her. Since Ruby’s reading she has grown more confident and assertive. She comes and plants herself near us and demands that we pet her. This has never happened before.

Also Ruby pointed out that she was not happy with the curtains that we changed. So we changed them back again and she was so happy she went running around the house! She nowadays goes out in the balcony and watches birds .. something she used to be petrified about.

Anne , Human , USA

In  March 2017, I was on the phone with an Animal Communications Rescue Support group, about a week after adopting an English Pointer that we named Lacy.  I gave the group some background information on Lacy, where she was found,the surgery she just had,  etc.  The group took a few minutes to communicate with my dog and then they proceeded one by one to tell me what info. they received from Lacy.  One of the things Ruby said was, “I’m getting the name Daisy.”

After the hour phone call was finished, I was curious about the name Ruby was given, so I went outside to give it a try.  Lacy was lying in the sun looking the opposite direction.  I quickly called the name" Daisy “, and to my surprise, Lacy(Daisy), turned her head instantly.  I was completely shocked, in a good way!  You see, Lacy wasn’t even used to the name that the shelter had given her two weeks prior OR the name we had given her the week before.  I had never had a response like that from her the whole week we had had her.

She was sweet and shy, but that day she turned her head with confidence!  I called my son from upstairs, told him what had happened and asked him to come down and call her Daisy.  Five minutes later when he called her by that name, she turned her head and got up and ran to him.  AMAZING!

Ruby and this group helped me feel so much closer to my dog.

Thank you Ruby!  You truly have a gift and your gift is helping many animals and their owners.

Sharon J,Human, USA

Ruby has communicated with my dog and her accuracy amazed me.

It felt like she has known my dog all along, when in fact she connected to him through a picture.

I am happy to recommend Ruby and have the utmost trust in her animal communication

Melanie Wilkinson , Human , Dubai , UAE

After reading a book about animal communication I became intrigued. So, when I found Ruby here in Dubai I was very excited to find out what goes on inside the mind of my pets.


My husband and I were blown away by the information Ruby gave us and we were in fits of giggles with some of the things our dog George came out with. 

Especially his opinion of our cat! Now their relationship makes more sense to us, it's so cute.

Having rescued our dog there was lots we didn't know about him and his past and now we feel like we understand him and his little ways so much more. 

Thank you so much Ruby, you´re amazing.


Hima Bhandoola , Human , Dubai , UAE

My lovely dog Sasha is 13 and my cat Noel is 5. Until I adopted Noel, I was a sworn dog person. I had imagined the two would cozy up and be best friends. Unfortunately, the reality was quite different. Noel frequently attacked Sasha and it seemed to us humans that he really did not like her. Sasha is one of the gentlest, kind and loving dog you could find, and yet Noel did not get on with her at all.

Ruby communicated with both of them and the insights I got into their mind were nothing less than amazing. Noel shared with Ruby that he felt he did not have a job or a purpose in the household. Sasha, on the other hand, was absorbing the stress  I often created  due to work my work and other issues.

Ruby told me a lot of other really useful information about what my pets were feeling and thinking. We as a family made some changes in the way we talked to the pets. We started by saying one good thing about Noel to him each day. We gave him a few jobs to do, like supervising my daughter while she did her homework. I have to admit I felt a bit silly when I repeated the importance of his role as a supervisor to him each day. But before long, he was doing his duty diligently by curling up on her study table while she worked.


I cannot tell you how much our life as a family has changed for the better over the last month or so with Ruby's amazing insight into the minds and hearts of our animals.


I will now go back to her and ask her if the animals are pleased with the changes in our human behavior. In time, I have confidence that my cat and dog will be best of friends.


Thank you Ruby.

human , Dubai , UAE

You know they say Love can happen twice and over and over again? This is one such moment for us

After we lost our beloved Jango, it was HARD - as if we got kicked on the gut real bad. Days went by too slow, I kept asking where would Jango be? What happens when you die? Of course one can’t just not exist! All these questions, all the whys, all my could-haves were left incomplete…


But that’s when I found Bow Lingual  and Ruby. I must admit I was apprehensive and all kinds of wariness sprung up in me. I only had one request to Ruby : I cannot go through anything further at the moment.

And she assured me that she’s here to listen whether we end up doing a session or not. And she was there, genuinely! Listening, understanding, consoling, and cherishing all memories of my Jango, helping us understand him better, helping us recoup through greif and transition to our second love and life - Jambu 

Of course we all still wish Jango was around and keep scrolling through his pics and videos just to see him alive once again, but we have a reminder right in front of us to move on.

I hope no-one goes through this pain. But if you are there right now, I truly recommend you connect to Ruby from Bow Lingual and rest assured, she’ll be there to listen to you. 



Thank you Ruby for everything 💛

Albus - sai.jpeg

Sai, Human,
Dubai, UAE

Ruby is a friend, but she got there as she helped me immensely during my early days with my pup. I have never been a dog person, I still don’t think I am. But I love my dog (yes, they have the tendency to do weird things like that to humans). She has also been my for everything to do with dogs. I value the information she shares because it comes from experience, and the comfort and ease with which she gives it, and more than anything else I see the difference it makes to our lives with our dog.

When she told me she has started Reiki Healing for dogs, I was sure I would use her help someday. Our dog had just moved from puppy food to adult dog food, and around the same time, he also contracted Giardia thanks to the large amounts of grass (and probably some dog poop) he ended up consuming during our evening  outdoor playtimes. 

He battled with an unsettled tummy for over 3 months: change in food, some medication, change in routines….we tried everything. He would start settling down, and again for no rhyme or reason, would go through a bout of bad tummy issues. I finally went to Ruby for help.

She advised we go through 3 sessions of healing which involved an hour each of her scanning him remotely and sending healing to the areas of concern. I was truly surprised when she asked me in the first session if he had had a right ear infection in the recent past, and a weak left leg from some injury, because both did happened and I had not told her about it.

In the second session, she focused on the tummy and identified his weakness and gave us specific pointers on where and how things were affecting him. She gave us a few nature based tips that helped him almost immediately. She also advised us to change a few things in terms of his routine, timings, daycare or boarding schedules etc. that helped him.

In the third session, she confirmed that her scanning revealed better health, and we were able to confirm to her that his tummy had stabilized too. We also did change his food to something easier to digest, but I know for sure that wasn’t the only thing.

It was Ruby’s hand in identifying the problem and in helping us lead the way that really did work like magic. 

I would recommend her experience, expertise and excellence to anybody who needs help with their doggies’ physical, mental or emotional health.



Our Mojo is a very high energy lab, whom we had a tough time training from the time he came home. There was a lot of stress, understanding why he did certain things which were emphasized as a “NO” right from Day 1. 

We contacted Ruby to do a communication session with him to figure out the reason behind his behavior.

After her session, she explained several things about how he was reacting to our way of communicating. A lot of insights were given by her and we were able to see and understand Mojo a lot better. As a passionate dog lover and owner, she also gave plenty of valuable tips to communicate with him and have a happy relationship with him. Thanks to her, we are enjoying every minute with him. Hats off to her passion and love of animals. I will very strongly recommend her services.


Yulia Vavilava,
Human, Canada 

Once again allow me to express my gratitude by taking your time and connecting with our beloved Gucci. 

You told some details which absolutely stunned us, no one knew except family. 

Your reading gave us peace. We never wanted closure with just “Gucci is in better place” in fact you answered all our questions and we know for sure it’s not a closure ahead of us- it is continuation of  knowing we will be meeting with our Gucci on the other side when time comes. 

Thank you once again, you gave us much strength to move forward with Gucci in our heart. A lot of people appreciated your reading. Thank you


Caesar Bharadwaj,
Delhi , India


My name is Caesar and I’m a super active 8 year old Dalmatian. I am the king of my house and I don’t let my family forget that on any day.I've always been running around the house at lightning speed, from the front garden to our lobby to our back garden. I am the guardian of the house so I chase away any intruders and keep my family safe. I am on duty 24/7.Recently, I don’t know what happened but my hind legs became weak all of a sudden and I could not get up. I did not know how to communicate to my mom and my family what was wrong but they could tell since I kept screaming in pain and could barely move. Multiple visits to the vet made minor improvementsThen entered Ruby, with her healing powers. Within one phone call she was able to tell my mom exactly where the pain was and what I was feeling. She instantly started her healing therapy and I started feeling so much better! I am almost back to my original self now and am following all the remedies Ruby suggested! I & my mom are ever so grateful to her ♥️.

Angel -Farzeen.png

Farzeen Shroff, Human,
Mumbai, India

Ruby is so gifted and I have learnt so much from her. Ruby also really helped us through a crisis when Angel was attacked and mauled badly by our close friends 2 dogs who I’m particularly fond of and who also reciprocrate with so much love towards me and my husband. But it was the hostile equation between Angel and them.


So the entire episode was so confusing and stressful that we did not know what to do and how to respond. We were truly concerned for angels safety as well as our fondness for the other dogs . But ruby came to the rescue with so much of indepth understanding through Angels communication.


Ruby just has her heart in the right place and with rusty and brad guiding her and with such an entourage backing her ……. helping people like me understand so many different aspects of Doggie behaviour. A true doggie whisperer she is. Thank you Rusty for making your mummy do what she is born to do.Love you Ruby “ 

 "Can’t thank you enough Ruby for really giving me a first hand experience on animal communication . Had always heard about it but never quite knew how it truly felt to know what your pet who means the world to you is thinking. I always wanted to get into Angels head and be able to read her mind and her thoughts. But its when Ruby connected with my pooch and told me so many intimate things that there was no way she could have known that I truly knew that it was Angel sharing her heart with Ruby.

Sarisha Anand, Human, Pune, India

Just recently, Sweetu was not feeling up to the mark, so I requested Ruby as she would be the perfect person to help. We had an online meeting, all she required for communicating with Sweetu were only some minute details eg- name, approximate age etc. She took roughly about 15-20 minutes to communicate with Sweetu and that too by just looking at Sweetu's picture! She came back with a list of health issues and some facts about her life.


I call Sweetu the most beautiful, sweet and charming stray dog ever, and Ruby; very remarkably, was able to point that out! I never knew that Sweetu listened and understood almost everything I said to her! Along with this we got to know about her difficulties like - bitterness in her mouth, pain in her hind legs,a small migrain etc. After the session, she gave Sweetu her "energy healing" which had a phenomenal impact on Sweetu's behaviour; she started running around and feeling better. With proper medication, it only took 3-4 days for Sweetu to become perfectly fine! She had by now, regained her usual appetite and started running around anywhere and everywhere possible as if to inform everyone- "hey! I'm fine special thanks to Ruby". 


I thank you Ruby; not only for healing my dog, but also for giving me inspiration to become someone like you. Only being a teenager, I still hope to intern for you one day


Ishita Saha ,Human Dubai, UAE

In May, Cinder was diagnosed with lymphoma in his intestines and tests confirmed that the condition was aggressive and irreversible. Cinder had been communicating with Ruby  a brilliant animal communicator and energy healer who have stood by us through thick and thin. It was clear that Cinder wanted to live and had become anxious about our move out of Dubai and apprehensive whether he could travel, given his deteriorating health. After understanding the various treatment protocols for chemo, we decided that we wanted a completely holistic treatment with alternative medicine. Along with his regular vet  energy healing from Ruby, Cinder underwent acupuncture and magnetic pulse therapy.

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