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Please email for an introductory chat

This will help us establish how we can best serve you. For example, there might be a trainer or behaviorist who is better suited for a particular issue. In terms of health problems, this will help us gauge the number of energy healing sessions that might be required. So, an initial chat is key before we proceed.

After the introductory chat, we will arrange a mutually convenient time for the first session. Once we decide on the way forward, you would be required to make 100% advance payment.

Energy Exchange

Animal Communication :

105 USD/385 AED  per animal per session


Tapping / EFT :

105 USD/385 AED per session 

Before the session, we require the following information:

Animal Communication :


Your Pet’s full name

Your Pet’s Picture
Your Pet’s approximate age
Duration of ownership/adoption
Details of people in the household, including full-time help if any (names and relationship only, no other info required)
Details of other pets in the household, if any
Questions that you would like to ask (up to three focus areas )
Anything you would like to convey to them

Energy Healing:
Your Pet’s full name
Your Pet’s picture
Your Pet's approximate age
Health concerns, if any

Behavioral concerns, if any 

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