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Pause with Paws - Introducing your "Being Buddy"

Guardians of Being is a title bestowed on our animal companions by Eckhart Tolle . This is because of their natural ability to be present more in the Being state than the thinking state. They are in the moment, while we tend to live more in the past or the future . To elaborate further , when we walk our dog , we might think about what would happen during the dog walk or the work we need to do at the end of the walk, instead of just enjoying the walk. As opposed to the dog who is just going with the flow of the walk . Sharing space with an animal is like having a secret door to this space of Being . Inspired by Eckhart's teachings on this subject, I started applying The Art of Being when around my dog and that slowly started spilling over to other areas of my life. Its like exercising better or more regularly when you have the perfect gym buddy . So consider you pet as your favourite Being Buddy . For me , doing it alongside him feels more natural and flows with ease . The goal of this series is to help all of us maximize the use of that secret door and practice "The Art of Being" using our pet as our anchor, until it becomes a way of life . Every post under this series will have one activity that you can explore with/around your respective Being Buddies . While this will be your personal practice , it would definitely enrich the energy in your home and your relationship with your animal companions . Would love to hear experiences with us as you explore this journey with us . Watch this space for the first activity .

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