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  • Ruby Ramprasad

Using Energy Healing to help pets with anxiety

When we adopted Brad , little did we know that we were bringing home a dog that waits for the ball to drop , every single time he meets someone new. He would go to the person wanting to be petted and then cower if they go near his head , snap or bark if there were any unexpected movements. It seemed like he was always worried about being abused. To begin with , he was scared of us too. Scared of my husband more than me.

To give you a quick background, though we don't know his ex family personally , they didn't come across as abusive . On the contrary, they seemed extremely nice. Their nanny , who also helped in caring for him , kept in touch with us for nearly a year and a half asking for updates, pictures and videos that she was sharing with the whole family who missed him immensely.

I was so desperate to help him. So how do I help my dog with anxiety ? Specially when I am not a behaviorist. I turned to Energy healing. I asked my Energy healing teacher if we could use Energy healing as a tool to help anxiety in pets and she said she had no doubts about it.

I first scanned his physical body. He needed help around his heart center , root chakra and also solar plexus. He had severe acidity , also linked to anxiety. Started massaging his body on a regular basis to loosen the shoulder muscles and the area around the base of the spine . Simultaneously , started giving him healing 4 times a week. There was a huge change in just two weeks. I still remember the moment when he let me hug him , for the first time. And a big change in over a couple of months. Energy healing coupled with the inputs that I got from his first animal communication session helped us tackle the issue to a large extent. He is no longer afraid of people who come home. I mentally prepare him about the guests , using Animal Communication . And we do tell people to respect his space. He is still head shy but fine 80 percent of the time . His stomach is perfectly ok now. We did put him on a super short course of homeopathy medication. But his behavior changed mainly due to Energy healing and then Animal Communication.

The dog that snapped at my husband , when we met him first , can’t do without him now. They both helped each other to deal with their respective griefs. Their love for each other makes me feel like an outsider sometimes , but I couldn’t have it any other way. Super proud of both of them.

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