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Preparing Pets for Relocation

“If only I could explain to my pets that I would be right at the end of their flight to greet them at the airport”

“I wish I could tell my cat that she will have access to a beautiful catio in the new garden and she will love the weather back home “

“Our dog is so anxious with the slightest of changes that we are worried about the flight travel and quarantine “

These are very genuine worries. Besides the financial aspect of pet relocation , this becomes a deterrent for people to take their pets along with them when they move countries . Though many of them see their pets as family, they make the hard choice of leaving them behind with a friend or re-home them. It is a hard breaking decision, but it’s a decision based on pure human thinking and assumptions that needn’t be true in all cases. Example, assessing whether the dog/cat can take that stress because of their temperament or age or how they would do in different climatic conditions. I do agree that there could be cases where the animal isn’t fit for a long journey .

The good news is that you can talk to your pets to understand what they feel about the move and explain the whole process to them. Using Animal Communication, we can mentally prepare them and put all their doubts and our doubts to rest.

How to prepare our pets mentally for air travel /long journey?

Using Animal Communication you can tell your pets all about the move . Tell them what to expect and ask them what they feel about it . Your pet might be totally for it and or express concerns. You can put their concerns to rest by having a dialogue with them through Animal communication

Lets me explain it through Coco’s case study

Gorgeous Coco . Pic Courtesy : Her Human brother Ryan Taylor

Coco . Pic Courtesy : Her Human brother Ryan Taylor

Coco is a gorgeous 10 year old Lab who is the rock of her family. Her human mom was moving with her to a different country to be with her human sister and her family . She was worried about the long journey since Coco had spent all her years in the same house. Her journey comprised of a 3 hour car ride, few hours in the cargo area, 7 hour flight and formalities at arrival and a 30 minute drive home. When her family contacted me, my job was to explain to Coco what was happening and explain the process to her. They asked me to tell her that her sister had bought a dog pool for her since she loves swimming. Coco knew about the move . But had some questions about a family member she was leaving behind and just wanted assurance that he would take care of himself. After he told her that he would do so ,she was well prepared for the move wholeheartedly. Her family messaged me to say she had a splash in the pool at 4:00 am, as soon as she arrived! She is now living happily in her new country.

Coco enjoying her pool at 4 am

Coco taking a dip in the pool at 4 am

How to prepare an anxious pet when you are moving homes?

Let them know as soon as you decide to move. Sending mental images of leaving the current house with the boxes and your pets in toe helps. If you decide on the area you are moving to, you could send them mental visuals of that too. If it’s a dog, you could take them for a walk in that area to give some familiarity. Get them ready for the moving day too. Explain the process to them and let them know about the strangers that are going to be around and what’s expected of your pets then. The Cats might be restricted to a bathroom and the dog probably has to spend the day in the yard. Tell them that it’s only for a few hours. Decide on the arrangements and keep them posted. You can also squeeze in a play time if you have someone else to help supervise the move for a few minutes.

We had our little big move, as I call it, recently. When I started talking to Brad about it, he didn’t sound very thrilled. Once we narrowed in on the area and the type of house we wanted, we started taking him house hunting with us. Of course, we followed basic etiquette .He never marks inside the house and so we knew we wouldn’t do that there. We let him out in the yard only if the yard was dry and the garden wasn’t up yet. Thankfully, we had walked him in that neighborhood multiple times before. So he was familiar with parts of it. We brought him in a few times to the house we were renting and started moving little stuff in before the moving day. The other challenge was keeping him in the balcony/ yard the whole day since we had packers and movers working inside. Mentally prepared him for that as well. He was calm and collected the whole day, played with some of the packing stuff. He was the least stressed and settled in beautifully.

Brad playing with discarded packaging

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