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Valentine’s Day came early for Brad and his first friend Adora who were reunited recently. Adora was his caregiver (for the lack of a better word )/ friend at his first home. Its been 5.5 years since Brad chose us as his forever family and in all this time Adora has periodically messaged to enquire on his well being. We have been more than happy to share videos and pictures with her since we knew how much he is missed. We were thrilled when she shared pictures of baby Brad, since we have known him only since he was almost 3. She has been wanting to meet Brad but given the two hour commute between our homes it hadn’t materialised. We decided to drive Brad to her this year. When we learnt that Adora’s friend Wilma took a day off from work to meet him, we were incredibly touched that he was surrounded by more love than we had imagined. The four 4 hours we spent with the ladies just flew since they had organised for a mini picnic for us and we chatted a lot about Brad’s life as a pup, his trips to the corniche with her etc .Brad takes time to warm up to people and apparently has been like that since he was a pup. We were happy to see how comfortable he was with Adora and Wilma gave him his space since she understood him very well. Adora told us that Brad was comfortable with all her friends since she would introduce to them to him with these words “ Brad, this is my friend and from today she is your friend too” . That technique is something learnt as an Animal Communicator but was amazed at how it comes naturally to her.

( Photo taken little over 8 years apart -Look at baby brad 🥰)

We wanted to prep him for the trip since he isn’t a fan of surprises. I felt it would be better if someone else spoke to him , just to remove bias. I requested my friend Devon to do it for me. Brad told her that he was shy to meet Adora - like a teenager meeting his preschool teacher. He set some ground rules for the meeting and had a few questions on the plan for the day . Is there going to be a party? Are we going to play fetch? Will there be treats ? How long are we there for etc. Though I couldn’t give him a proper schedule , I requested Adora to find a place where we can leave him off leash for a bit for playing fetch. In his own words “ Thanks for taking me. I always wanted to thank her for caring for me and I got to do it .She is sweet and I love her. I would love to do this again”

All Pictures shared with Adora's permission and taken without Brad's permission 🤪. He hates being photographed

While we knew that he wouldn’t be confused if we exposed him to a part of his past , I was just thankful that we had Animal Communication as a tool to understand his comfort level and manage his expectations . We wanted to do this mainly for Adora since it’s visible how much she loves him unconditionally and cares for him. But this turned out to be a heart warming experience for us too. Through Brad we got the opportunity to meet two beautiful humans. Did I mention that Adora has a cute Yorkie called Missy? Missy is such a fortunate dog to live with this extremely beautiful soul

Thank You Adora and Brad for making this world extra beautiful

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