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Tapping for Pets and their Human Companions

The biggest positive for all Pet Parents, in the current situation, is the time we are getting with our Pets during the usual work hours. Whether we are busy with calls or slaving away at our desks, it is nice to have our pet on our lap or as our fuzzy footrest. Just looking at them sleeping puts a big smile on our faces and we forget everything else momentarily. This situation has also been a bonus for the pets who are uncomfortable staying at home without their humans around.

While it is great that things are starting to look up and offices are opening in phases , it is mixed feelings for people whose pets have separation anxiety. Also, some of us are so used to being around them all the time now, we feel bad about stepping away from home even for a short duration. An honest confession, I work from home and yet I feel guilty doing anything that involves our dog staying alone at home. Thankfully, my husband catches my fake excuses to avoid stepping out and ensures we do step out now and then.

Sometimes , our Separation Anxiety is bigger than theirs and that is not healthy either. EFT/Tapping is a great tool to address that. It is an extremely simple tool where you Tap gently on certain certain meridian points to alleviate physical and mental issues.

" Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system, and body all at once"- Nick Ortner

How to do Tapping ?

Tapping is like cleaning house.To do that, we need to accept that there is dirt and that we have hoarded some unwanted things. We start by listing what needs to be cleaned or purged and then visualize a perfectly clean house. We have to believe in the possibility of a squeaky clean house and believe we are breathing the fresh air already.

STEP1: We first take stock of all the things that needs to be purged. Let us start with Undesirable Emotions connected to the specific issue Eg: I am worried that my pet would be anxious when I get back to work or It makes me sad to leave my cat alone for 8 hours a day.

STEP2: Let us now take stock of all Limiting Beliefs associated with the issue. Eg: He can never be rid of Separation Anxiety.

STEP3 : Let us now think of things that will replace what we purged .List down the perfect outcome and emotions. Eg: My cat loves to chill when I am away and confident about staying alone at home. This makes me really happy.

We now " clean" those undesirable emotions by Tapping on specific points in our body /our pet's body. These points cover some of the important meridians.They send direct signals to the mid brain and alleviates stress. It works at the physical and psychological level and helps reset our energies to a balanced state. We Tap on these points gently and replace our undesirable emotions and limiting beliefs with the desired outcome and emotions.

What if my Pet doesn't let us Tap on him ?

There is a good chance that our Pet may not like us Tapping on his/her face. In such cases , we either air tap above the points or Tap on ourselves with a strong intent that we are Tapping for our Pet .

Is Tapping useful only for Separation Anxiety?

Tapping can help with a whole host of issues. I think we all agree that Animals , by nature , love being in the present. Our emotions surrounding our Pet's health or behavioral issues can hold them hostage emotionally. Eg: The Vet isn't happy with the blood work and that rattles you. Now, your pet is acting withdrawn and probably moving around lesser than usual, despite medication. But the follow up tests shows the medical issue is no longer there or there is a huge improvement. This makes the Vet and you super happy and your pet is back to being his/her bouncy self. Your Pet ,obviously, didn't read either reports but merely tuned into your emotions around the issue. So, Tapping on the issue can help alleviate physical problems and symptoms as well. The same logic applies for their behavioral issues.

Tapping is not a replacement for Vet intervention but acts as a great stimulant for recovery. It gives your pet and you the belief of the desired possibility. And we all know the Power of Mind in healing.

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