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Energy cords in pets and humans

Energy Cords play a huge role in our emotional and physical well being. Though I knew of it, in my initial days of energy healing, I hadn’t explored it much. Only after hearing the lovely @devon.duerr talk about it often, I started paying attention and reading up more on the subject. I used to have constant soreness in my right hip and even with regular healing and stretches it wasn’t getting better. One night when I was struggling to sleep because of the hip pain, I felt these were cords and started releasing it and I felt infinitely better. Then i started to look for it during healing sessions and working on it made a big difference to clients. So now, I do a blanket cord cutting for self and loved ones every morning. I have tried to simplify the concept basis my own understanding of it. But would definitely urge you to explore further. This video explains the concept of Energy Cords and how to release them

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